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Vinyl Sheet Pile (PVC Sheet Pile) Driving Method

Standard pile driving techniques for steel sheet piles includes impact driving, vibro driving, and hydraulic pressing. Are these methods applicable to Vinyl Sheet Piles or sometimes called PVC Sheet Piles, Synthetic Sheet Piles, and Plastic Sheet Piles? The answer is YES! As earlier claimed by some plastic sheet piles manufacturers, standard piling rigs and equipment can be used for driving FRP and Vinyl Sheet Piles. Though vinyl sheet piles has enormously lower elastic modulus compared to other materials especially steel sheet piles, they have been tested and found suitable for common driving techniques and proven to be stiff enough for different means and areas of installation. At present,


Corona Virus (COVID-19) has become so widespread and powerful in a way that it altered the daily whereabouts of people in more than 100 countries, and it is unlikely that any country or individual will be immune to its impact. ESC stands hand-in-hand with everyone while committing absolute trust and support to the World Health Organization (WHO), Country Leaders, and Medical Professionals, in this battle humankind must win. Great responsibility comes from simple, collective acts. To follow lockdown and quarantine regulations is never a limitation to our goals but an opportunity to explore possibilities we never imagined can happen. ESC offices in different regions have been arranged to opera

Steel Pipe Piles, Steel Pipe-Sheet Piles and Combination Walls

Steel pipe piles are widely used in foundation works for marine structures (ports & offshore platforms), urban civil structures, infrastructures like oil & gas plants, bridges’ footings & abutments, and even as casing for concrete bored piles. Steel pipe piles transfers the vertical load of a building or structure to deep or stable soil strata. They are of high demand because of the need for deeper and larger foundations due to level up in magnitude of construction projects. It is also mandated by the increase in number of construction projects, especially infrastructures, situated in bodies of water which are of course requiring foundations to penetrate bed rocks. For designers, the major a

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