Strutting System

ESC is able to supplement it's sheet piling series by offering high quality strutting system engineering design and supply. To aid reusability of strutting materials and prefabrication prior to arriving at the construction site, ESC is proud to offer it's prefabricated ESC-PST series which reduce both wastage, preparation and installation time. ESC is experienced in both conventional and unconventional strutting design. 


ESC has succesfully completed complex projects requiring innovative approaches to strutting design and installation.

Steel strutting systems can be used as temporary or permanent structures to support retaining walls horizontally for site excavations. ESC has experience both designging, supplying and installing strutting systems in various configurations and project conditions. Strutting systems usually consist of tubes as compression struts and H beams as waling to redistribute the horizontal forces over the struts.
ESC can deliver completely customized strutting systems including all necessary prefabricated components.


Strutting systems can be utilises in a variety of applications which include: basement excavation, cofferdams, and various deep excavations. ESC can offer the following:

  • Design works including full calculations, layout drawings, construction sequence, fabrication drawings

  • Method Statements

  • Modular or adjustable strutting systems

  • Competitive material pricing

  • Competitive deliveries to fit your project needs

  • Prefabricated struts, connections

  • Site supervision

  • Friendly & professional service

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