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wide flange beams supplier

Wide Flange Beams, Channels & Sections 

ESC’s product range continues to expand in response to the increasing needs and requirements of the Construction Industry. In addition to the wide array of structural applications of our steel products, we now supply Wide Flanges and I-beams for all magnitudes of Foundation Works and Marine Applications.

We can provide steel beams of various sizes and grades conforming to ASTM, CSA, and other applicable standards, worldwide. We have a highly competent Engineering Team capable of finding the best solutions for all project needs including complex designs and customized sections and assemblies.

Hot rolled steel beams

Hot-Rolled Steel Beams

Wide flange is a structural beam of rolled steel with flanges equal or wider than the web, having a cross-section that resembles the letter “H”. I-beams have flanges shorter than the web and shaped as letter “I”. They are found in many structural applications such as bridges, buildings, and many structures in general civil construction.

These steel sections are also ideal for strutting system, retaining structures, and piling works. ESC incorporates wide flanges and I-beams into sheet pile walls and combination walls, as kingposts when extra strength against lateral pressure is required. This is achieved by providing interlocks at the ends of the flanges for the proper connection of infill steel sheets. They are considered as lightweight, sustainable, and cost-saving materials.

Products Photos

Product Photos

H Beams

wide flange beams
i beams

I Beams

Wide Flange Beams

hot rolled steel beams
h beams
i beams for sale
wide flange beams

Project Case Studies

Nigeria Shoreline Protection

Aircraft Hangar, Melbourne

Mumbai Trans Harbour Link, 

Nigeria Shoreline Protection

Nigeria Shoreline Protection

Wide flange beams philippines

Aircraft Hangar, Melbourne

Mumbai Trans Harbour Link, India

Mumbai Trans Harbour Link, India

wide flange supplier
H Beam supplier

Deep Sewerage Project, Dubai Municipality

Wide flange beams

Yas Island Race Track Course, Abu Dhabi

I beams supplier

Tobin Warehouse, Australia

I beams sizes

SP Brewery Building, PNG

H Beams specification

SP Brewery Building, PNG

H beams used in shoring works

Abu Dhabi Airport, UAE

Steel I Beam

Abu Dhabi Airport, UAE

Raaf aircraft hangar

Aircraft Hangar

I Beam Philippines

Kennedy Port

H piles supplier

Islington Warehouse

wide flange supplier in manila

San Ramon Bridge Girder

MTHL Photo 4.jpeg
Nigeria lagos replacement and Expanded shoreline protection seawall at outer marina.jpg
Oro Bridge.jpg
Tobin Warehouse.png
Yas Island Race Course excavation.jpg
PNG Brewery Installation ongoing.jpg
PNG Brewery Installation.jpg
Abu Dhabi Airport - kga 1 .jpg
kennedy port.jpg
Raaf aircraft hangar.jpg
AD Airport B&B wall for deep excavation.jpg
zamb bridge girder.jpg
islington warehouse.jpg

Tobin Warehouse, Australia

Project Case Studies


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