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ESC is a Global Piling Solutions Provider 

ESC sets itself apart from it's competition by providing a responsive global team that can offer both standard solutions or more superior or economical alternatives.


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Port of Duqm Liquid Bulk Berths, Oman

ESC's sheet pile product line incorporates the largest number of profiles in the world, with over 450 profiles amongst 13 pile profile designs. The profiles vary from 3mm to 22.0mm thickness and 400mm width all the way up to 1,800mm.

Hot Rolled Sheet Piles

Cold Rolled Sheet Piles

Cold Formed Sheet Piles

Bayoonah Underpass Retaining Wall, Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates


ESC's innovative range of vinyl or PVC Sheet Piling is an eco-friendly, highly corrosion resistant material that  can be an effective alternative to steel sheet piles, concrete and wood materials.


Combination Wall Systems can be utilised as an alternative to normal sheet pile systems where the structural requirements exceed an economical sheet piling solution.

Pipe Pile Combination Wall

H Pile Combination Wall

TMCLK H Pile Combination Wall, Hong Kong


Latest News & Updates

ESC is able to supplement it's sheet piling series by offering high quality strutting system engineering design and supply. To aid reusability of strutting materials and prefabrication prior to arriving at the construction site, ESC is proud to offer it's prefabricated ESC-PST series which reduce both wastage, preparation and installation time. ESC is experienced in both conventional and unconventional strutting design. 

JB Convention Centre Basement Strutting System, Malaysia


ESC is able to produce a large range of pipe piles of up to 4,267mm diameter and 100mm thickness. It's manufacturing capabilities for steel pipes include LSAW, SSAW and ERW processes.

Victoria Harbour Quay Wall Pipe Piles, Australia


Greensport Industrial Park Breakwater Berths 3 & 4, United States

ESC offers full suite of tie back system options to enable economical solutions for projects. These are frequently used as part of a the ESC Piling Solution. ESC's experience spans from sheet pile applications, combination wall applications tied back to anchor or sheet pile walls. Components can be sourced as a full economical and hassle-free package: from Tie Rod Bars, to Couplers, to Eye Rods, Waling Beams and even all bolts and bearing plates.




Corrosion Protection can be effectively be utilised to increase the design life of a sheet piling system. ESC can provide a full suite of options for it's products from standard Coal Tar Epoxy Paints, Glass Flake Epoxy and other methods such as Hot Dip Galvanzation and Cathodic Protection.

Oil Tank Fireproof Protection Barrier, Netherlands


Customer Testimonials

"I can confirm the CRZ26-1400 cold sheet piles....were a cost saving alternative to the AZ26-700"


"No different in driving.... to the AZ26-700 combi wall."


Paul Leonards, VP Project Management

Watco Group

Client Testimony
Athena Client Testimony
Client Testimony - MUC

Oil Terminal 2 Project, UAE

Client Testimony

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