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Sheet piles installation

Port Lafito, Haiti

Agro Products and Services from the US has ordered a significant sheet piling solution for its GB Group Port Lafito in Haiti. The order is for 2,410 tons of ESC-CRZ26-635 sheet piles in ASTM A572 Grade 50. The lengths will vary from 12 to 25m including three custom made corner piles. In addition, ESC will manufacture 193 sets of 20.9m tie rods and 136 sets of 6.5m tie rods. They will be in Grade 700 and M85. Hot rolled C Channel for the waling beams are to be supplied in 12m lengths to the amount of 191 tons.  ESC supplied 8 pieces of 50 ton SWL cast T-Horn mooring bollards.

Port Lafito is Haiti’s first Panamax Port with state of the art equipment and technology. Port Lafito will breathe new life into Haiti by creating new jobs, training for skilled labor, and encouraging foreign investment and development. This project will make a significant impact on the national economy and have a beneficial impact on the more than 10 million people living in the area.


In addition, an International Sister Seaport agreement was signed between Port Lafito and..Port Miami in order to collaborate on the exchange of information and ideas, with the aim to increase cargo and trade between ports. Port Lafito partnered with SSA Marine, the world’s largest independent and privately-held marine terminal operator, to oversee the port and terminal operations.


The opening of Port Lafito is one step toward the larger development of Lafito Global, an economic zone which will include the international port & terminal, an industrial free zone, a business park and residential area among more. The development of Lafito Global will drive the creation of more than 25,000 new jobs in Haiti by 2020, foster a new vibrant economic social center, establish attractive regional logistics and become an industrial hub for the Caribbean.


The efficiencies and modern capabilities provided at the newly built Port Lafito will enable Lafito to improve and broaden the level of service to the Haitian customers. And increase business opportunities in Haiti.

Sheet piles supply

ESC CRZ26-635

King H Pile ESC-H180B-1-2

Corner pile

ESC CRZ26-635 Corner Pile

Project Photos

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