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ESC prides itself on being a global name you can trust to provide high value and exceptionally quality steel products. Please browse through our product range and contact us for any queries. 

Steel Sheet Piles

Steel Sheet Piles

For over 20 years, ESC has been manufacturing and delivering cold-formed sheet piles. Since then, it has expanded its product range to Hot Rolled and Cold Rolled Sheet Piles. A large variety of profiles can be produced at a wide range of steel grades for the client.

Combined wall series

Combination Wall

ESC's combination wall series are ideal when the standard series of sheet piles do not have the strength to resist the required design loads. There are two main King Pile sections - H Pile and Pipe Pile. The King Piles withstand most of the bending loads (may include vertical loads), with the intermediate infill sheet piles to transfer the soil and water pressures to the King Piles. The infill sheet piles can be shorter - between 60-100% of the King Pile length.

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Steel Pipes

ESC can offer high quality steel pipes of sizes between 21mm and 4267mm in diameter and thicknesses of 2.1mm to 100.0mm via the ERW, SSAW and LSAW pipe production processes.

Tie Rod Systems

Tie Rod Systems

ESC offers the client a wide range of sizes and steel grades for Tie Rod System Assemblies. These can be seamlessly integrated into an ESC Sheet Pile or Combination Wall or other types of retaining wall. Corrosion Protection options are also available. ESC can offer the client a full design specification according conforming to the project requirements.

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Steel Structure Fabrication

ESC has expanded into delivering high quality steel structures to various sites around the world. The care taken in the fabrication results in the most stringent tolerance requirements being met and exceeded. Please see our product page for samples of the work we have completed.

Corrosion protection

Corrosion Protection

The implementation of corrosion protection can increase the service life, reduce pile specifications because thickness losses are minimized, improve aesthetics and reduce the maintenance period once installed. This section presents the 4 main corrosion protection methods that are optional for our customers.

Strutting system

Strutting System

ESC has experience both designing, supplying and installing strutting systems in various configurations and project conditions. Strutting systems usually consist of tubes as compression struts and H beams as waling to redistribute the horizontal forces over the struts. ESC can deliver completely customized strutting systems including all necessary prefabricated components.

Welded interlocks

Welded Interlocks

ESC offers a wide range of hot rolled and cold formed connectors which can be used on corner piles, junction piles or combined wall systems of pipe or H pile. They can be formed for standard configurations or also for custom configurations. These can be utilised to mate with both ESC sheet piles and even other sheet piles.

Cathodic protection

Cathodic Protection

Cathodic Protection of wharf structures is an effective method of corrosion protection. The steel and anode material form a galvanic cell where the anode oxidizes preferentially to the steel, hence reducing or eliminating the rusting of the steel. ESC has the capability to design, supply, install and commission such cathodic protection systems.

Vinyl sheet piles

Vinyl Sheet Piles

Vinyl Sheet Piling or PVC Sheet Piles are an effective alternative to steel sheet piling for bulkheads, seawalls, and cutoff walls. The main advantage of vinyl sheet piles is the superior corrosion resistance when exposed to seawater, where no oxidation occurs. Vinyl sheet piles are also highly resistant to marine borers which makes them superior to wooden solutions. 

Mooring bollards

Mooring Bollards

Marine mooring bollards provide a simple yet efficient method for fulfilling mooring requirements to allow safe securing of vessels next to jetties, wharves, berths and dolphins in ports and harbors. ESC can offer a wide range of cast iron or steel bollards in various sizes, grades and capacities.

Interlock sealant

Interlock Sealant

A combination of a well designed and manufactured sheet pile interlock and a properly applied sealant can virtually eliminate any fluid leakage through the sheet piles, even at high hydrostatic pressures. ESC offers a range of time proven interlock sealants that can be used for hot rolled, cold formed and cold rolled sheet piles in various conditions from tropical to arctic. They are especially effective for cofferdams and marine applications.

cone fenders for sale

Marine Rubber Fenders

ESC offers a full range of marine fender options to complement its marine steel piling products. ESC has strategic partnerships with PIANC-registered manufacturers with over 20 years of experience delivering marine fender system solutions worldwide.


Trench Shields

ESC has fully developed its series of trench shields (also called "Trench Boxes") used as a two-sided excavation support system. It is temporary earth retaining structure that provides safe access to an excavation that has been cut vertically. 


Stability is ensured inside the trench while providing a minimal footprint of the excavation for the work to be carried out. This will prevent damage to public services and nearby structures.

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