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Steel strutting systems

Strutting System

ESC has succesfully completed complex projects requiring innovative approaches to strutting design and installation.


Steel strutting systems can be used as temporary or permanent structures to support retaining walls horizontally for site excavations. ESC has experience both designging, supplying and installing strutting systems in various configurations and project conditions. Strutting systems usually consist of tubes as compression struts and H beams as waling to redistribute the horizontal forces over the struts.


Shoring systems can be used in a variety of applications which include: excavating basements, cofferdams and various deep excavations. ESC can offer the following services:

  • Design work including complete calculations, site plans, construction sequences, manufacturing plans

  • Method statements

  • Modular or adjustable shoring systems

  • Competitive material prices

  • Competitive deliveries to meet the needs of your project

  • Prefabricated struts, connections

  • Site supervision

  • Friendly and professional service

Strutting system

Project Case Studies

Project Case Studies
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