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Eurotank Oil Terminal, Netherlands

ESC quickly gained successive orders with Europile BV in the Netherlands with the EuroTank Terminal in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Legislation required that they needed to have an impervious fire proof barrier put in place around the oil tanks. They had to have a perimeter that would withstand the possible scenario of a massive failure of the tanks and all the contents flowing out into the surrounding area. In addition, this liquid could well be on fire at the time so the perimeter had to cater for this potential issue as well.


After a long design discussion where various options were looked at by the Contractor and Client (like concrete and earth walls) is was decided to use sheet piles. The ESC sheet piles with their wide profile made an ideal selection due to their very limited clutches per metre of wall. The sealing of the clutch is at least half that of other sheet piles and this also means less risk of seepage for the Contractor.


Geka Bouw B.V. won the project with a sheet pile option supplied by ESC. ESC worked closely with Geka Bouw B.V. through its agent in Europe, Europile B.V.


Calculations were carried out by ESC in order to ensure that the stringent requirements of the Client (EuroTank B.V.) and the Contractor were met whilst at the same time the budget constraints needed to be adhered to.

All sheet piles were painted on the top 4.1 metres (both sides) with 375 microns of Jotamastic 87 black paint. The capping beams were completely coated using the same paint and thickness. All painting works were carried out in the ESC factory in China. During installation some paint discolouring and damage was noticed. Therefore, ESC/Europile put an extra layer of Jotun PU coating on top of the original Jotamastic coat to make sure that the grey colour kept its final RAL code for the design length.


Extra clutches were sent along with the shipment to ensure that if any special corners were needed to be turned or obstacles caused a variation in the driving line then Geka Bouw BV was able to perform the onsite fabrication without any delays to the project timetable. All deliveries for the project were carried out in March 2008.

ESC's scope of products

The Bill of Quantities for this project included:

  • ESC-EU12 Sheet Piles of various lengths between 8-10m Grade Q345B (528 tons)

  • Steel Capping Beam x 11.8m length Steel Grade Q235B (22 tons)

Installatino of sheet piles

Installation of ESC EU12 Sheet Piles completed.

Project Photos

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