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Quality sheet piles


ESC takes pride in it's quality assurance and control. ESC Quality personnel are there at all stages from the raw material receipt, fabrication, coating, packing and transport to ensure that the goods meet or exceed it's internal, client and international standards. See below the measures that ESC implements to ensure that the design and delivered product are of excellent quality.

Engineering Controls

In the design of the retaining wall system, ESC's engineers ensure that the design meets the British Standards by Default and any other project specific standards. Drawings, calculations and method statements are internally checked by Senior Engineers prior to release for use. HELLOOO

Raw Material Inspection

ESC's Quality personnel are strict on the acceptance criteria of the material used prior to fabrication. Mill ertificates, heat numbers and other documents are stringently checked and filed to ensure traceability.

Dimensional Controls

ESC implements dimensional controls throughout the fabrication process. Sheet Pile dimensional checks are completed which include width, thickness, length, height, curving and twisting.

Welder Qualification and Procedures

ESC ensures that welders trained both internally and externally and maintain all the necessary qualifications as per AWS standards. Welder Qualifications are filed and kept up to date. ESC has developed its own library of Welding Procedure Specifications that conform to International Standards.

Worker Training

ESC ensures that all it's workers complete training to maintain or attain own qualifications but also to continuously improve itself, leading to better quality products produced more efficiently.

Coating Quality Control

Coating Thickness and Surface Preparation are closely monitored in the Corrosion Coating application process. ESC uses various techniques to ensure it's internal and client standards are met or exceeded.

Protective Packing

Packing materials are planned and designed to protect ESC's products throughout it's entire journey to site. 

Road Transport Controls

ESC is experienced in coordinating transportation and ensuring the products are suitably protected and fastened on the lorry. ESC has experience in transportation of sheet piles and pipe piles in excess of 30m.

Shipping Controls

ESC plans ahead of time with the shipping company the stacking sequence and configuration if the products are stored in break bulk. If it is shipped in standard shipping containers, careful packing, loading and securing is ensured before it is handed over to the port and vessel.


ESC may be involved in the installation scope of work, where it can utilise it's global expertise and experience to achieve a straight, watertight and sufficiently penetrated retaining wall system.

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