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Temporary Works

ESC offers a range of temporary works options from tradition Hot Rolled U Piles, to Cold Rolled U Piles to Light Duty Trench & LSB Sheet Piles.

Permanent Works

 Medium Duty

ESC is proud to offer a wide range of options available for the client - hot rolled, cold rolled and cold formed. The wide profiles are optimised for light weight providing economical permanent work solutions.

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Sheet Piles


Steel Pipes


Steel Structures


Corrosion Protection


Tie Rod Systems


Manufacturing Tolerances






Cellular Structure

ESC's Hot Rolled Straight Series are capable of producing large retaining structures.

Hard Ground

H Pile Combination Walls are ideal for hard ground conditions and high strength requriements due to the stiffness of the H Piles.

Heavy Duty Marine

Pipe Combination Walls have extremely high strengths for very high retaining heights which make them ideal for Heavy Duty Marine Applications

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